Good news for all you RPG nerds out there (like me!). Today Square Enix announced the North American and European release date for Final Fantasy XIII. Turns out we’ll have to wait until March 3rd, 2010 to play this super shiny game.

Personally, I’m hoping for a return of FFXII’s government-focused type story, but I know it will not be the case. They have already said that it will be about “emotions” and “relationships.” Oh well, I can handle that so long as it’s at least interesting (I beat FFVIII for crying out loud).

Along with just that cursory information, Square Enix has released a new video hosted by very dapper young man (in a suit even!).

And there you have it. So get ready for another Final Fantasy adventure starring a hero or heroine whose name denotes some sort in inclement weather (Cloud, Squall, Lightning). The game is scheduled for release on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.