If you have a pulse (and are not old or Amish) you’ve probably heard of Modern Warfare 2 and are either expecting to pick it up or are already playing it. If you’re one of those people, then this post may not really inform you of much. If you are, however, someone still on the fence (or a hypocrite Amish with a computer), then might I suggest a healthy dose of reviews from around the internets:

From 1up

Whether sprinting down cramped alleyways or racing down the side of a frozen mountainside MW2 moves at a frenetic pace that rarely stutters.

From GameSpy

One of the reasons the single-player is so enthralling comes in the incredibly high production values. Each epic set-piece feels like it would’ve been the piece de resistance in some other game, and it’s unlikely you’ve ever played a game that exhausts you quite like this one.

From GameInformer

MW2 takes the concept of action-packed first-person combat, plops a live grenade at its feet, and mows down its friends with an incendiary minigun. If you have time to breathe, it’s because you’re being flanked.

From Boomtown

As good as Uncharted 2? The simple answer to that question, away from all the hype, is a resounding no.

From Kotaku

Modern Warfare 2 may not innovate or raise the bar as impressively as Call of Duty 4 did in order to grant it automatic game of the year consideration. The better praise it may deserve is that it’s likely the game that many will be playing well into next year.

I’ve honestly never heard of Boomtown, but I wanted to throw in some sort of dissenting review as a balance, because, honestly, Uncharted 2 is amazing.

But anyhow, as a reminder, MW2 is out and ready to rock. It can be had on 360, PS3, and PC My copy is apparently on a truck right now being delivered to my house. Let the pewpew begin!