From time to time, Jimmy Fallon has guests from the video game industry come and show off their latest creations. This time, hot on the heels of the PS4 event from Wednesday, developers from Guerilla Games came to show off Killzone: Shadow Fall.

While Shadow Fall was shown at the PS4 event, it was hard to tell if what we saw was actual gameplay or scripted or what. Here we see the same area from the preview before, but Fallon, his guest, and the developers take turns controlling the game (and shooting at air conditioning).

The game looks very pretty, but it certainly is Killzone and it certainly is a FPS. I hope as time comes or during E3 we get to see things that differentiate this game from others beyond simply prettier explosions.

Also, if you missed the reveal of the game from a couple of days ago, here is what was shown at the PS4 event.