Along with the announcement yesterday of the PlayStation 4, some notable game devs got on stage to show off what they are cooking up for the system. One of them happened to be Ubisoft, and they showed us more footage from Watch_Dogs. Take a look.


This gameplay shows our ball-capped main character walking about the streets of Chicago. Puddles of water on the cement reflect the sky gracefully, and bits of trash float in the air. Ah, Chicago. Soon, Main Character Guy pulls out a cell phone and with its magic cyber powers starts looking up information about the surrounding peoples. He sees a woman and a bit of information flashes up about her, then it goes to the hobo sitting in front of the convenience store. It says that he was an Iraq war vet. I suppose the hobo had a phone that could be hacked or some such. With a few taps on the phone, our hero steals the banking information from a poor guy who probably was just wanting to get home after work to see his kids, and then he uses that info to take money from the ATM.

Around the corner, our dude sees a woman being accosted and attempts to help. The attacker flees and he gives chase. When the attacker starts to fire his gun, the police are called up to investigate. Around a bend and through an alley they race, and using his phone again our capped man overloads a circuit causing sparks to fly in the face of the attacker. He falls, and our guy beats him with a night stick of justice.

Just then the police show up and we have another chase. A quick hack on the phone causes a barrier to come up in the street resulting in a police car wreck. Our guy shoots the tires out from under another car and it wrecks and explodes. Dashing up to the top of a roof, he sees a train its way. Using the Hackmaster 9,000 he stops the train just as it gets to his location, allowing him to jump on top and ride away. A lone security camera catches him as he disappears around a bend.


I might have poked more fun at this trailer than it deserved, but it does kind of suck that you a the one being chased by the police after trying to do something nice. I suppose at the time the police would have only seen some dude in a mask running from the location of gunfire, so they are justified in their pursuit. But I feel bad for the guy, and I don’t know if he necessarily needed to kill the cops to get away. Ah well, such is the world of Watch_Dogs!

This game is certainly coming to the PS4 and all major consoles (even Wii U), but beyond that there isn’t much info on release dates. But we did get a fun little gameplay trailer! That’s something, right?