After writing a big, fat post about boring FPSes (granted, strictly military shooters), I noticed that there was a new trailer for Bioshock Infinite full of sky jumping, melting fire hands, and a lighthouse! It looks neato.


This video appeared today on the Irrational page with the caption:

Watch this all-new BioShock Infinite gameplay video voted on by the Irrational Facebook community! Check out the streets (and skies) of Columbia, new ways to use your Sky-Hook, and how Elizabeth can be your wingman in combat.

These guys certainly know how to put together a nice trailer. I WANT TO SLIDE AROUND ON A SKY RAIL RIGHT NOW! Beyond just that, the trailer shows us some interesting areas of the game. A Sky Beach? YES PLEASE.

Bioshock Infinite is set to launch on February 26, 2012 for Xbox, PS3, and PC.