Though we still don’t have any domestic Wii U commercials to oogle at, the internets have found what our friends across the pond will be seeing in between matches of cricket. How do you explain what the Wii U can do or is in about a minute? Let’s see.


The commercial seems to do an ok job of hitting on the things you can do with the GamePad that you might have never seen before, but even though they say “…brand new console…” pretty early on, some people might not get that it is anything more than just the GamePad. Those are silly people, of course, but still.

One of the best things about the Wii U is being able to play games on the GamePad only, and I am very curious to see how that resonates with couples or parents. The argument “…but with the Wii U you can still watch your terrible Desperate Housewives while I play games! Come onnnnnnn!” might be one had in many a household, and it’s good that they show this option in the commercial.

So what do you think? Is the commercial cheesy or not that bad? In either case, let’s hope the North American version doesn’t have the narrator say, “SPIN SPINSPINSPINSPINSPIN!”