Of all of the great titles for the 3DS that are coming this fall and early next year, none come close to the frothing demand I hold for Fire Emblem Awakening. If you have ever played a Fire Emblem game then you know why that is; if you haven’t, well let’s hope this trailer helps convince you.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-BB3KbVUYI&w=620]

As as outsider looking in, you might see that this game is a strategy RPG with anime cutscenes, and while these things are certainly true, what you don’t know is the stress and the planning and ultimately the feeling of incredible accomplishment for besting a level – or the game – with no casualties. Like previous Fire Emblems, Awakening has unique characters that if felled in battle, die forever in the game. You, as someone who has never played any of these games, might think, “Why would I want to be stressed out while playing this?” I promise that is the best kind of stress. Since your troops cannot come back, you feel incredibly compelled to ensure their safety in a battle, and when you do it is the best. THE BEST. Just trust me on that.

A feature that isn’t in this trailer that was talked about in the Nintendo Direct video is the ability to customize a character that can join your party later in the game. You could make yourself, and then weep as you die because a dragon burned you all up. Way to go, you.

Also mentioned were downloadable maps and stories.

Fire Emblem Awakening will strategically launch early next year.

And if you are curious about the text under the logo up there, it reads:

Two sleeping dragons – one a sacred ally of mankind, the other its sworn destroyer. Two heroes marked with the symbols of the dragons. Their meeting heralds the dragons’ awakening – and the world’s ending.