Tom Nook. That name strikes fear into the heart of even the toughest man. In days gone by, Ol’ Nook held the keys to your future by putting you into indentured servitude. Now, however, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf you are in charge of things, and let’s hope that means putting that raccoon in his place.


As Mayor, you have the ability, nay, the obligation to make sure that your town doesn’t suck. You now have the authority to tell shops when they can open or close (to fit your schedule) and where those shops might be located.

Your character can change his or her clothes as you see fit, and any designs that you make can be sent to friends via QR codes. There is a new island in the game, as well, where you can bask in the sun and swim at your leisure.

It sounds just like what you would expect from Animal Crossing, and that sounds just fine with me. Expect the game to arrive early 2013.