It happens to the best of us. You pick up a game with the lofty intention of completing it some day in the future, but here comes some other game to steal its spotlight. You ditch the first game to start the other thinking, “Surely when I finish THIS game, I will go back to the other and complete it!” Then another game comes out, then another. Then you remember you have Steam and everything just goes to hell.

Well, friends, here is my current backlog (that I have access to) and what caused me to stop in each of them.

I say “that I have access to” because I do not have the multitude of Gamecube or PS2 games at my disposal right now. My hope is that by writing down this list and sharing it with the world that I will guilt myself into completing some of these games.

Diablo III

Love it or hate because of the RMAH or loot grinding, Diablo III is a game that you might own because society told you you were supposed to own it. It’s the sequel to Diablo II, guys, the best game ever!

I have no qualms with Diablo III, as I have no desire to spend money on the auction house, but I just haven’t put in the time to get through all of the acts. My non-time with the game comes too because my laptop technically isn’t supposed to run the game, but I force it to with success but with a major hit to graphics and framerate.


Of the titles in this list, Starhawk might be the newest besides Diablo III. This third person, building building shooter is really quite fun to play, but I just haven’t jumped into the single player campaign much.

For those unaware, the game is a shooter first and foremost, but it gives you the ability to create buildings like watchtowers and vehicle platforms that supply goodies to you and your team. You can also make walls and turrets to fend off attackers. The multiplayer uses this with aplomb, and creating buildings (they actually shoot in from space in a quite incredible display) is key to winning and losing. Similarly, the single player lets you summon buildings and turrets, but it’s tied to a story. A story I simply haven’t spent enough time with. It’s something about bad dudes on a planet overcome by some ore and other people want to stop them. From what I have played, it’s not a bad story, but I can’t really judge from one level.

Xenoblade Chronicles

You know how much I love this game. There is a really good chance that it will be my game of the year if nothing comes out to top it. Its main problem and one that is its greatest strength? Its length. I am 80 hours into the game and not anywhere near its completion, so I feel. I am really happy about that, but it also has made me push it aside for other games as of late. I will finish this game. It’s just a matter of when.

Pokemon: White

I don’t really have to explain anything about Pokemon White. You know the drill by this point: you catch pokemon and you make them fight nearly to their deaths for your amusement. According to everyone in the game, they like being treated this way, but how can they really know since the pokemon can only say their name and nothing else?

At about 40 hours in to the game I have completed all eight gyms and now just need to go down victory road or whatever to face the final bad dudes. My pokemon are woefully underleveled for this, and that is the main reason I have stopped playing. That darned game has been sitting in my DS for over a year now. I need to finish it.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This game was a huge hit last year when it landed on iOS. With its retro-yet-contemporary aesthetic, pretty good touch controls, and nice soundtrack, how could I have not completed this game already? The answer is that I basically don’t enjoy playing games on the iPhone for any extended period, and after a few goes with this title it ended up being left to collect virtual dust on my phone. Maybe I should just start over with the PC version that came with this year’s Humble Indie Bundle.


The kid thought it’d be a good idea to smash things for a while. And smash I did, until I stopped. There is nothing wrong with this mighty fine game, and I am a bad person for not trying to finish it.


I added this game to my backlog list, but I can tell you right now that I will probably never finish it if the deed hasn’t been done yet. It’s just not going to happen. Sorry Furtaculon (my saber-toothed pet in the game), you will never see the end of this game.

The Binding of Isaac

This Zelda-esque, creepy-storied dungeon crawler never pulled me in like it did with others. Some people really seem to enjoy shooting tears at turd monsters, but I cannot say that it is something I desire in a game. I need to give it another shot though, and hopefully judge it on its entirety.

Frozen Synapse

I really like the idea of this game. It is a turn based strategy game with super intricate controls. Sweet. Because of this, however, I am kind of scared to play because I don’t think I am smart enough to do anything successfully with reason. Winning a level is basically just luck for me.


This came with the Humble Indie Bundle, and I simply haven’t tried it. I have heard good things, though. WE SHALL SEE.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis/Last Crusade

Oh, point and click adventure games, I remember when you were big news. These titles ended up on Steam some time last year for really cheap and I couldn’t sit idly by. The terrible voice acting alone is worth the couple of bucks I paid for them. I have half a mind to stream a play-through of these for fun soon. I might have to cheat and look at a guide the whole way through, but it would still be fun to do to hear the robotic voice of Dr. Jones.

Mother 3

I have put in quite a few hours into this game and need to polish it off. It is a great title, but I can certainly see why it never made it to America. A Nintendo game with cross-dressing fairies all named after musical modes? That probably wouldn’t fly here.

Well that’s it. Those are the games that I have at hand that need to be beaten. Which one should I try and tackle first? If you help out, you get a prize, the prize of satisfaction!