Highwind was a pretty great airship
Well, you did it, hordes of people who wanted some sort of modern version of Final Fantasy VII: soon you will be able to wade through the dense and ultimately confusing story once again on PC. I hope you are happy with yourselves.

But don’t get your hopes up quite yet. This is not a remake in the normal sense. You are not getting fancy new graphics to take the place of giant block hands. Instead, it is mostly a port with a few little things added like achievements, a “character booster,” and (*snicker*) cloud saves.

The character booster basically makes it so you can beat the game with no effort if you so choose. If you happen to be stuck in an area and do not want to level (or can’t), just click a few buttons and level up at your leisure. Now everyone can beat Ruby Weapon!

Also new seems to be the Square Enix Store, where the game will exclusively be sold. It sure is nice that every game company assumes that it needs their own online store. There is no link to this store yet, so one can assume that it will launch with this game. Depending on how this store is implemented (i.e. like Steam), this might also be how they are getting the cloud saves to work.

Minimum system requirements are these:

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit)
2GHz Processor or faster
DirectX 9-compatible graphic card

You can check out the game’s page here if you want to download some fifteen year old wallpapers.