Sony opened their conference tonight with a brand new game from Quantic Dream entitled Beyond: Two Souls which hopes to answer the question on what happens on the other side by having Ellen Page use crazy powers and be all angry.

If you have ever played a Quantic Dream title, you know you are in for a gorgeous game that sets tense dialogue and situations, and this looks to be no different.

The trailer begins with an unnamed girl sitting in a sheriff’s office. Her hair has been shaved, and according to the sheriff she has been found on the side of the road with scrapes and cuts and tattered clothes. She doesn’t answer any of his questions. He notices a large scar on the crown of her head that looks recent. She becomes visibly disturbed as he approaches to look at the scar when suddenly a coffee cup flies off his desk and into the wall.

Soon afterwards, a SWAT team bursts through into the sheriff’s station, taking position on the sheriff’s office. They obviously want the girl who they probably have put in that situation to begin with, but when the sheriff opens the door they stand hesitant and don’t go in.

Following that are some quick clips of scenes later in the game, and the girl giving the main SWAT dude an ultimatum: stop screwing with her or she’ll kill everyone.

The more official description of the game is this:

BEYOND: Two Souls ™ is a unique psychological action thriller featuring Academy Award(r) nominee, Ellen Page in the lead role. Experience the incredible life of a person who possesses extraordinary powers through a connection with an invisible entity. Watch as your actions and decisions determine her fate and face incredible emotional challenges never before seen in a video game.