After an incredible hiatus (in all respects way too long), we have finally returned, dusted off the consoles, and have begun preparing for our second event. We want to thank everyone who helped us make our first event such a success!

If you haven’t landed on the home page before seeing this post, let me recap what we have currently planned:

  • NINJAS! If the banner above didn’t tip you off, this time all our games will be centered around or have within them at least one (1) ninja. Most of the games will be rather obscure, so we will simply have to see how that goes, but we are very excited for the inclusion of great titles like Muramasa and Brave Fencer Musashi.
  • Give Aways! This is something that we wanted to do during our first event but could not put it all together in time. We are hoping to rectify that this summer.
  • This summer?! But of course! We are currently trying to nail down everyone’s schedule, and we will announce the dates soon, but we are looking towards having the event on the weekend of May 21-23, May 28-30, or June 4-6.

That is the long and short of it at the moment. What we do not have, at the moment, is the charity for which we will be donating to. If you happen to know of a good charity, please leave something in the comments. Child’s Play was a great charity to donate to last year, but for this event we need to find something new.

Thanks again, everyone! We look forward to seeing you all soon!