Ever since Nintendo announced that their new DS will incorporate some sort of 3D viewing technology, the world, or a small subsection of the world (read: nerds), has been clamoring to find out how the new device will actually show you games in THREE DEEE.

Well, if the video above has anything to say about it, Sharp could potentially be making the new display. Forged in the fires of Mt. Doom, these displays are able to show both three whole dimensions in addition to the paltry two dimensions that we as humans have lived our poor lives viewing for so long. The displays also have the ability to be touch screens, so there is the potential for Nintendo to use these in their new fancypants handheld. The video, however, does not show any stylus input for the displays, just dirty, dirty fingers. No stylus support would mean no backwards compatibility which would mean this technology wouldn’t be used which would mean Nintendo would have to use their original plans: Unicorn dust.