Today, during yet another Nintendo Direct, Saturo Iwata directly discussed a ton of games in the 40 minute video. For the third time or so over the last year, one of those videos was about Monolith Soft’s spiritual Xenoblade Chronicles successor currently named just X. The video was short, but showed direct gameplay footage of the characters taking down a couple of monsters.


We know that the game will use Xenoblade’s style of battling, and we also know that you can fly around in and fight with big mechs. But today we learned that during battle you can switch between fighting on ground and in the mechs, allowing you to fell giant beasts. And maybe your sword sometimes turns into a minigun because you need your quarry to end up as a big pile of fur and meat.

When you are done watching that super fun footage, rewind the video to see updates on a ton of games, even a new Smash Bros. character! It’s one of the best Nintendo Directs in a while, but we done have time to chronicle it all right now, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Luckily, Nintendo listed everything they talked about and the times they show up in the video. Click the button if you don’t want to be surprised!

Game List
00:32 Super Smash Bros.
02:50 Mario Golf: World Tour
04:29 Kirby: Triple Deluxe
06:35 Yoshi’s New Island
09:36 Steel Diver: Sub Wars
12:20 Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball
15:40 Pokémon Battle Trozei
17:17 Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy
20:44 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
21:19 Weapon Shop de Omasse
22:39 Inazuma Eleven
24:11 Treasurenauts
24:33 Moon Chronicles
24:58 Shovel Knight
25:25 1001 Spikes
25:42 Retro City Rampage
26:28 Child of Light
27:23 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
29:40 NES Remix 2
31:37 Game Boy Advance games on the Wii U Virtual Console
32:19 Mario Kart 8
34:52 Monolith Soft
37:40 Bayonetta 2