You might have missed this morning’s announcements or maybe you just want to see the Nintendo TVii trailer in a higher resolution. Either way, here is that video!


According to Nintendo:

Nintendo TVii enables you to find, watch, and engage with TV shows, movies and sports programming, all from the Wii U GamePad. You can search for programs across Wii U Video Entertainment, TV channels and your own TiVo DVR. This service will be available in the United States and Canada at launch for users with a broadband wireless Internet connection.

The interesting thing to me is that the scrolling in this video looks terrible and choppy, but during the event this morning everything they showed looked not so terrible and choppy. We will have to hear of some hands on from around the web to get an accurate description, but it certainly preformed better live than in this prepared video.

Also, the radial controls for the TV are…something. It is hard to tell if they would actually be useful in that configuration, but it does look intriguing. I think most of us would have just assumed there would be a big rectangle of buttons on the screen.

What do you think of this Nintendo TVii business?

Update: upon re-watching the event, when you add favorite channels the outer wheel updates with those channels available for quick access. Neat.

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Update 2: Regarding the Tivo and whatsits, apparently Tivo as a service is not built in to the box (surprise surprise) as described by Engadget:

Fils-Aime also confirmed that the Wii U doesn’t have TiVO hardware built into it — functionality will require an existing TiVO box. The same goes for DVR functionality, which Fils-Aime said Nintendo doesn’t want consumers to bear the expense of.