borderlands 2
Planning on a vacation? Maybe you have heard that Pandora would be a nice place to summer. Well, you would be wrong, as it is filled with myriad ugly things shooting fire and poison and bullets at your face. Luckily, you also have fire and poison and bullets to shoot right back at their faces according to Sir Hammerlock, who in this video breaks down the ins and outs of the just-around-the-corner Borderlands 2.


Pandora is no longer the dusty, barren wasteland you had grown to know and love. Highways and some large cities have sprung up since the last time you were there, but also has a new enemy. His name is Handsome Jack, and because he is so handsome he has an army of bad guys that want to kill you. Why? Well, as the video put it: you are a badass and are trying to stop him from being so handsome…or something. Who cares? You get to shoot aliens with exploding poison bullets!

Just like in the original, Borderlands 2 employs randomly generated weapons (including grenades!) that put together some of the craziest combinations of lethal equipment. Why shouldn’t that grenade home in on an enemy, stick to them, and explode into five smaller grenades that then explode into acid?

If you haven’t read this post, do so to get acquainted with the characters you will be able to play. Like in the first game, you are able to team up with three of your friends online to complete quests together and generally shoot up the place. If you have a terrible friend that doesn’t have their own console, you can do some two player split screen action with them and then both of you can go online and play with your friends. More games should have that option, frankly.

If the video is any indication, Borderlands 2 will be bigger and prettier and shootier than the first, and it lands on planet Earth September 21 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.