Last week we became acquainted with how you, in Dishonored, might stab a guy in the face. Now that E3 proper is afoot, we get a chance to see the game in motion along with some of the more interesting ways of moving about and infiltrating, including possessing a big, dumb fish.


In this walkthrough, the developer says that the building they are trying to get in has eight different possible entrances, and they just happened to choose the fish entrance. Using some crazy thief magic chosen from a pop up wheel of quite a few skills, the player took control of a fish in the harbor and used it to swim up a drainage pipe into his destination. From there the character used a form of X-ray vision to see guards and people to avoid. After stealing a guest ledger, he finds himself on an outside ledge near the top of the building looking in on his target. Sneaking around the ledge, he opens a door and then possesses the target himself. From there the segment ends and we don’t get to see what happens, but neat stuff.

Besides fish sorcery, the news that the game is not an open world but crafted levels is at first somewhat disappointing. That feeling quickly left me, though, when I thought about how good a well crafted level can be for narrative, although the developer did say that there is a certain amount of randomness to things. The two targets in this footage are placed differently in the building each time, for example. This steampunk, Sam Fisher, magic dude seems to be pretty good at what he does, and the game looks like it’s coming along nicely.