A couple of days ago we discussed Trauma Center: Second Opinion, the Wii launch title that also was pretty much a remake of the DS game Trauma Center: Under the Knife. Today, let’s see what Trauma Center: New blood is all about. I guess we just can’t get enough of hot, ER room action for this event.

Like Second Opinion, New Blood‘s gameplay takes place entirely on the operating table as you attempt to help patients that come in with all manner of injuries. This time, you play as Drs. Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, and the new super-virus is called “Stigma.” In the video game world, all viruses have names that make them sound super evil; no normal medical nomenclature will ever suffice.

Different from the other Trauma Center title we will be playing is the inclusion of a cooperative mode which will – obviously – allow two people to work together to defeat the evil viruses. If the video above is any indication, coop mode will be bananas. Another addition is the ability to resuscitate patients if it gets to a point where the machine by the bed stops beeping. I suppose in the first game they decided not to use the paddles because they might waste too much electricity. There’s something to be said about eco-conscious hospitals.

We currently have Trauma Center: New Blood scheduled for the third game on our list. If all goes well, we will be starting it about noon on Saturday.