Watch this video above. Just do it. It’s from a game called FEZ that is being created by indie studio POLYTRON and co-published by Trapdoor. It’s set to come out some time in 2011, and will be available on the Xbox Live Arcade.

As you can see, because I know assume that you have watched the video by this point, your main goal in the game seems to be to collect 32 cubes of power by solving intricate 3D 2D puzzles. 3D 2D? If you’ve watched the video, it makes sense. The game is played always on a 2D plane, but you can “turn” or spin the world left or right around a center axis, opening up new pathways. One can only assume the resulting puzzles will be epic.

And just look at this thing. The game has a simplistic “old-school” style, but everything is so detailed and animated so greatly that it makes me want to do bad things to be able to play this game right now. And to top it all off, if you happened to go to the Vimeo page where this video originated, you might have noticed that the music was done by Disasterpeace. DISASTERPEACE. I have never heard of them/him, but holy hell that name is awesome.

If you are not excited about this game we can’t be friends anymore.