As you may or may not know, last month we had an event for the YWCA of Oklahoma City; this information has just been splashed up on the home page for two months, so you really have no excuse. This month, because the YWCA is cool, and the event were featured in their newsletter!

Gaming for a Good Cause

A group of video game enthusiasts behind the website gather several times a year to raise money for various charities. For 24 – to – 48 straight hours they play games while broadcasting live and asking for donations online. Their latest event called “This One’s for the Ladies,” raised $1,500 to benefit the YWCA Oklahoma City.

“We like playing video games and we like giving back to the community,” said Garret Evans, creator of the site. “It just seemed like a perfect fit for us and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved.”

For this event, the group also chose to play video games that featured only non-violent female lead characters to promote the empowerment of women throughout the event.

“We really wanted to make an impact locally, and that’s why we chose the YWCA,” said Evans. “It was a great feeling to exceed our fund raising goals and to know that we are helping women and children right here in Central Oklahoma.”

Yeah! Doing good things for people feels good! I would suggest clicking on the link above and reading the rest of the newsletter. You might learn something you didn’t know.

Thanks again to the YWCA for working with us for this event. Although I am the only one quoted, it all certainly isn’t a singular effort. I want to thank – again – all those who were involved helping to create the show and everyone who donated!