As I write this it is but a scant 20 hours or so until the event begins. I hope that you are all prepared. I also hope that we are all prepared. Aww, I’m just joshing; in truth, I am wearing an entire samurai outfit for the next 24 hours to put my mind into the right place. “Why wouldn’t you be wearing a ninja suit?” you ask. Well I would but I only have access to this most amazing samurai outfit and I look really good in it. “Do you have any pictures of this outfit?” You ask too many questions.

As far as the event is concerned, we should have everything ready and set to go for tomorrow night. It’s a little late to discuss, but last week’s test was successful on nearly all fronts. Both computers were keeping up with an average frame rate of 25 or above, creating silky smooth internet feeds of amazingness. Your ocular cavities may very well explode due to the initial shock of how great the video feed is. Now that that is written and can never be removed from the annals of internet lore, I’m sure that we will have a catastrophic disaster that renders the entire event null and void. But let’s hope that we don’t!

In keeping this post short and as random as possible, we would like to thank our friend Liz who created the press release that we have been sending to people (mostly just family; it’s amazing how responsive aunts and uncles get to press releases). We are attempting to not count multitudes of chickens before they hatch, but there is the possibility of a couple of very interesting media opportunities that might arise in the next couple of days so long as all goes well. We shall see about that, though, as nothing is set in stone.

All in all, we really hope to see the lot of you tomorrow night as we attempt to tackle the next 72 hours of ninja craziness. By the end our minds will be puddy and our bodies large, dimpled meatsacks, but if we raise some funds for NDSS it’ll be worth it.

Have a good night and get some rest!

(That last part was aimed more for me.)