I don’t know about you guys, but I loved Little Big Planet. It was one of those games that you feel like Nintendo should have made but didn’t; t was just happy and fun and you felt great while playing it. Well, MediaMolecule is back with a sequel to 2008’s most awesome (and occasionally frustrating) platformer with what sounds like much improved creation tools.

From what information we can gather from the trailer, players will now be able to build not only custom levels, but custom games. What games are shown look to be fairy rudimentary (a driving game, a Space Invaders-esque game, etc.), but if the original game is anything to go from, people will be making incredibly complex levels and games with these new sets of tools. There already were driving games and Space Invadery games in the first LBP, now we are given full reign to do even more. Now we just need some details on how big these game can be. Are they only going to be as “big” as a general arcade game, or will I be able to fully recreate River City Ransom?

The LBP2 official site can be found here.