I have to admit that I’m not usually a jittery person, but I find myself checking the website a million times a day. Scrutinizing over every minute pixel and alignment. I’m sure glad that Garret has the patience of a turtle to put up with all my comments!

I’ve noticed yet another $10.00 donation before the event even started. Seriously, thanks a ton everyone! I’m sure the folks at Child’s Play will love your contribution. Each and every dollar justifies all the hours of hard work we’ve put into the event so far!

Speaking of Child’s Play…

Garret and I have been ‘putting our name out there’ to generate more numbers for the overall event. Exciting stuff, however I can’t begin to describe the embarrassment and humility I feel when I try to send an actual ‘formal’ email to some of my favorite websites asking for a bit of exposure. We’ll see the fruits of that labor soon enough!

Keep checking back, good things are happening here at Hardmode.org! T-Minus 11 days and counting!