Although Hardmode apparently has taken an impromptu hiatus this last month, what better way to get us all back on track than bringing your attention to a good article about my favorite game of all time: Final Fantasy VI.

The article, posted by Edge Online yesterday, discusses the making of FFVI, its characters, and the hardships the development team faced along the way.

“We began work on Final Fantasy VI with the idea that every character is the protagonist of the story,” says Yoshinori Kitase, the game’s director. “Everyone on the team contributed ideas for characters into a melting pot. We were very keen to design a game featuring individual episodes for each character. In fact, Final Fantasy VI’s influence may have been responsible for the greater emphasis on character creation in subsequent titles in the series.”

I don’t want to quote much more because you should really just go read the article. Recently, I found my old FFVI cartridge (kept safe in a box alongside FFVI and Chrono Trigger). It might be high time I give it another run through. The Gameboy Advance version just doesn’t do it justice.