Unboxing videos are a dime a dozen nowadays, but here is the first one for the Xbox One by none other than Major Nelson himself. One of these days, I hear, they’ll promote him to Lieutenant Colonel. In any case, check out this video and see all of the black, shiny bits of the Xbox One!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbrmAsxJPv4&w=760]

We knew there would be a Kinect, a controller, and the console itself in there, but new to the mix is an actual headset. Word on the street up until this point said that there wouldn’t be a headset in the box because the Kinect would be so super awesome. Something like that. It’s good that they are rectifying that before it became a problem. The audio through the headset should have greater fidelity, too, thanks to better audio wizardry in the voice chat hootzywhatzit.

Additionally, there is a HDMI cable included! What value!

One additional thing to notice is that it looks like the “front” facing USB port is on the side of the console. Strange. BUT, the power button is pretty!

For more bullet points, check out Xbox Wire.