Along with the main Nintendo Directs, there have been a few “Developer Directs” posted today by Nintendo for some of their upcoming titles. This one is all about Pikmin 3, and in it, Shigeru Miyamoto details some of the modes and features of the game.


One of the first things noted by Miyamoto is that in Story Mode, boss damage stays at the same level over time. Instead of being forced to defeat bosses at once, you can retreat, come back later, and the boss health will be the same as it was the last time you fought it. This was put in place in an effort to make the game feel less like a series of levels.

Besides Story Mode, two other modes are in the game: Bingo Battle Mode and Mission Mode. In Bingo Battle Mode, you and a friend compete to fill up your bingo card displayed on the screen. The card is filled with different fruit types, and who ever can get a bingo first wins. There are power ups and items you can use to halt your opponent’s progress. In the video, a lightning bolt attack is shown. Mission Mode is similar to Story Mode only it has a time limit. You are tasked with completing a series of events in a certain time.

Pikmin 3 will be compatible with all three control methods the Wii U has to offer, and will be available this August.