It’s been known for some time that there was some sort of Metal Gear Solid game in the works. It was also known that Kojima and Co. were working a title called The Phantom Pain with a character that mysteriously looks like Snake (and who had a title that gave away its true intention). Now, we can finally put the questions of what these games are doing behind us because it has been confirmed that these two titles are actually just parts of Metal Gear Solid V, as if we all didn’t believe that already.


This trailer is mishmash of scenes from both Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, with some new information about our pal Snake. Though we don’t know what got him there, Snake is in a hospital, and he has been in a coma for nine years. Just as he wakes up, the hospital is attacked, and it looks like some of the series’ staple super-crazy-villains are behind it.

Moby Dick Studios” (which now redirects to the MGS5 site) was a fake developer on the title; see how many Moby Dick references you can catch in these videos. Let’s hope Queequeg shows up somewhere.

This news comes from GDC, and thankfully there was some gameplay that was shown when this trailer was unveiled:


If your ears are peeled, you might hear the gravely vocal chords of a one Kiefer Sutherland acting as Snake’s hospital accomplice. Snake better hurry up if he’s going to save the president in the next 24 hours.

I can’t wait to play this game, slightly understand the story, and get frustrated occasionally when trying to get into or out of a prone position; you know, Metal Gear!