Hey, you guys remember Bastion? Of course you do. It was a game that came out in 2011 to critical and fan acclaim that featured a dynamic narrative as you played and a great soundtrack (and it was awesome besides those two things, too). Today, the creator’s of Bastion, Supergiant Games, revealed the next project they are working on: Transistor. Go grab some headphones and watch this reveal trailer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GTik6sYT_BE&w=760]

The kid was anxious. Ready to get some more information about this…Transistor game. Flippin’ a couple of tables proved worthless; he decided to pan for gold online…

From Supergiant:

Transistor invites players to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as they explore a stunning futuristic city. We’re designing our next game to seamlessly integrate thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience, complete with our studio’s signature melding of responsive gameplay and rich atmospheric storytelling. All of us from the Bastion development team are working together again on this new project, with the aid of a handful of talented new people who’ve joined us since Bastion’s launch.

This sounds great, and hints that the narration style from Bastion will make a return. According to the post revealing the game, you’ll play as a woman who gets her hands on a powerful sword-like weapon after bad dudes try to kill her with it. From there, you will be fighting in the streets against those who wish to take the weapon back while slowly figuring out its secrets.

The video shows some gameplay mixed in with really slick animation. Like Bastion, it looks like the game will be played predominately from a 3/4 view, and the main character’s weapon – which I assume is called the Transistor – is shown not only being swung like a sword but deflecting attacks spectacularly.

This all looks good to me! Supergiant will be at PAX East this weekend, so hopefully we’ll get some more information then. Until that time, go watch that video a few more times and let that sweet song get all up inside your brainspace.