Within the next twenty four hours or so, you should be able to pick up the latest Final Fantasy title – subtitled All the Bravest – on your Apple phone or tablet. The game looks about the same as FFIV on the SNES, with turn based battles and whatnot, but wait a second: how many people are on your sideā€½

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Eaj8IT63pok&w=760]

According to this trailer, the battles in this game are not like you are used to. You will have something like forty characters on your side during battles, and it looks like you have limited control over what they do, as they are shown crazily attacking everything on the screen in a mixed salad of steel and magic. Every three hours, your army goes into a “Fever” and attacks at will. Apparently, you’ll fight Kefka at some point, too. SPOILERS.

It also looks like you will be able to add series favorites like Cloud or Kain to your army, but for – Ughhh – in app purchases for $0.99 each. There are 35 of these “Premium” characters, and when you purchase them they come at random. So even if you wanted Cloud, you might have to spend tons of money to get him. You can also buy extra stages. SOUNDS GREAT.

You can purchase Final Fantasy: All the Bravest on the 17th for $3.99.