Grand Theft Auto. It’s a name that brings up thoughts of a smorgasbord of things: open worlds, car chases, nation-wide, misplaced scandal. Hot coffee. We are getting closer to the fifth iteration of the series, and it promises to be bigger and at times more outrageous than ever. Here is the newest trailer.


Unlike previous GTA titles, in Grand Theft Auto V there are three characters whose stories you can play through. These stories look like they will be woven in with each other, and at some point these characters will definitely be standing in front of a helicopter talking about…whatever. Trailers never lie.

One of the more ballyhooed additions this time around are animals. No longer are the streets filled with just birds, but, as shown in this video, dogs and other animals. Let’s just hope that these poor animals don’t get in the way of me speeding through a neighborhood at 150mph.

I, personally, am looking forward to more things to do in the sky. Much of my time with GTAIV came from flying helicopters around town and seeing the sights. Hopefully the sky-diving will be something you can do on a whim and not just for missions. I am also one of those weird people that really enjoy driving “correctly” in these games: no wrecks, stopping at stop lights, etc. Just watching the world is a lot of fun for me.

Grand Theft Auto V will release in the spring of 2013, and the media blaming it for some stupid thing that will occur in America will happen around October.