At this point, Kickstarter should rename itself to Gamestarter and be done with it. When was the last time you felt like pledging for a project that wasn’t about video games (or zombies)? It’s probably been a while. To that end, I caught wind of a pretty great sounding card game called Boss Monster: Master of the Dungeon by Brotherwise Games.

Boss Monster is a 2-4 player card game with an 8-bit aesthetic where you play, crazily enough, a boss monster in a dungeon. Your goal is to lure unsuspecting adventurers into your lair and totally kill them, and who ever destroys the most by the end of the game wins. Your time is spent between building a five room (denoted by cards) dungeon to lure in heroes and making sure those rooms can also kill them effectively. If your dungeon is too “weak,” so to speak, and adventures get to you (the boss monster), you can take damage. Too much damage and you are dead. Such is the life of a boss monster. Check out their site for more information about the game.

The goal right they have to surpass for a print is $12,000, and as of this writing they are sitting at $8,681 with 30 days to go, so it looks like they will probably hit their goal. For a $20 pledge you get a copy of the game, but of course there are better rewards for larger donations, like naming bad guys or helping design heroes.

So take a look if Dominion is finally getting a little tiring. (I’M SORRY DOMINION I DIDN’T MEAN IT!)