What if you wanted a game that had little square action heroes, controls like Contra, and was full of crate boxes, AND was also super? Well you are in luck, overly specific gamer person, because Super Crate Box is currently super free in the app store today. TODAY ONLY (as far as I know).

But if you need more convincing, you should probably just look at this:

I have been tooling around with the game today, and it is pretty great. You goal is to collect as many crates as you can without getting hit by bad dudes. That’s it. It’s not just a dodging game, though, as you get a slew of ACTION GAME WEAPONS like rocket launchers and machine guns to beat back the hordes of green and red evil square guys. They don’t want you to get those crate boxes.

The only downside so far is that my stupid thumb ends up moving off of the jump “button” sometimes, and I end up dying as a result. Other than that, this is a good time waster for the bus or train or cubicle.