The big MS’s answer to Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad is not too far off, and as this video shows, you will soon be pushing content to your Xbox, pulling content from it, and amazing your friends with your internet browsing mastery.


The features that sweater and green shirt tells us about are fairly interesting, but if you were looking for how this will link up with games, you are out of luck. This is purely a TV, Music, and Movies demo. What is shown is with SmartGlass you can start a show or movie on one device and push them to another, and if you are watching a movie or listening to a song, say, there will be extra information on your tablet device about the content.

And for browsing, you can use your phone as a mouse for when you totally use Internet Explorer for Xbox. Hooray?

With the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, this interaction all seems fairly logical, and maybe that is why it is not overly exciting to me. Or maybe I am just a terrible person. Either of these scenarios is probably true.

So what do you think? Is this super awesome or will it just be another thing you don’t use?