A new trailer for Nintendo’s Paper Mario: Sticker Star has emerged, and although it seems that Bowser Jr. is in the game (no-one likes Bowser Jr.), there is still a lot to look forward to in the title. Take, for instance, stairs made out of Toads!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh-_1LYJXvQ&w=620]

I really enjoy watching a character rip an element out of THE WORLD and throw it away somewhere. In the video we see Bowser Jr. (that scumbag) pull a bridge out from Mario’s path, crumple it, and throw it up on a ledge. Freaking Bowser Jr. (I hate that guy). Visually, how this happens is really neat. The world falls away from the screen flat on a surface, and, in this case, Bowser Jr. (seriously, what is his problem?) floats above the now flattened world and pulls the bridge from it. So cool.

Mario’s normal powers see a few fun tweaks. Jumping on a roaming Koopa will launch you into battle, but the Koopa will already be in his shell, allowing Mario to kick him into the other enemies in the fight to dispatch them quickly. Timing a hammer smash just right can produce a shockwave that hits the other enemies in the fight.

Warm up your 3DS for November 11th when Paper Mario: Sticker Star makes its debut.