tomb raider
This summer we saw poor Lara Croft get herself into some of the worst predicaments while being shipwrecked on an island in the middle of nowhere. For PAX, Square Enix decided to slow it down a bit (although she still manages to fall on her face) and displays a demo of the hunting aspect in the game.


Taking a page out of the Snake Eater handbook, in Tomb Raider, you will need to eat to survive, and that means hunting. Unlike Snake Eater, where you might shoot an animal and eat it raw like some kind of crazy person, Lara actually feels for the life that she has to take, knowing that it was her only way (except for maybe that stupid bird she shot. Birds are dumb.).

Even though this footage is just a recording of a TV, you can still tell that the game looks great. Notice, in particular, the mist that starts showing up on the screen. That’s fancy pants.

Tomb Raider is set to launch March 5th, 2013 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.