super smash bros.
If you are one of those charlatans like me who has never really played Super Smash Bros. (I own Melee and Brawl, don’t worry), then you now have the opportunity to get in on what some say is still the best of the series if you happen to have some extra Club Nintendo points sitting around.

There is some bad news, though, but not anything that will surprise you. The game, of course, can only be downloaded and played on the Wii, not the 3DS. That truly is a shame because it would be a perfect on-the-go game. Luckily, the coming Smash Bros. title will be going to the 3DS as well as the Wii U, so we have that to look forward to.

Super Smash Bros. costs 200 coins via Club Nintendo (or 1,000 Wii Points normally) and is available for these 200 coins only until September 16, so get on it.

If you have no idea what Super Smash Bros. is, then here is how it’s described at Club Nintendo:

Battle with an all-star cast of classic Nintendo® characters!

  • Choose your favorite Nintendo hero—from Mario™ to Link™ or Pikachu™
  • Up to four players can compete in interactive stages filled with wild power-ups
  • Unique and intuitive gameplay makes for a fighting game that anyone can enjoy

IGN says: “Especially with friends — this original Super Smash Bros. design remains just as fun to play with four people as it ever was…”

What Club Nintendo™ members say about the Super Smash Bros. game:

  • “The game takes everything you love about Nintendo, and throws it together in the fighting ring.”– Drake
  • “This is the ultimate party game… Simple, yet amazingly fun.” – Robby
  • “The game is very fun to play with family and friends, and you have a choice of all your favorite characters from all of your favorite games such as Legend of Zelda! .”– Gideon

Super Smash Bros.™ can be downloaded* from the Virtual Console™ section of the Wii™ Shop Channel for 1,000 Wii Points™. Super Smash Bros. requires the Classic Controller™ or GameCube™ Controller™ (Additional accessories required for multiplayer play. Sold separately). For a limited time only until September 16, 2012, Club Nintendo members can get a download ticket for this title for just 200 Coins.