team fortress 2
Why can’t Valve just stop doing good things with Team Fortress 2? What compels them to keep adding things to this great game? *is handed note* Oh, it’s the money made from microtransations? Ah. ANYWAY, on August 15th there will be a new game mode joining the awesomeness you already know and love: Coop! Now you can fight legions of evil robots and not feel bad that some twelve year old is completely destroying you with a Scout even though you are a Heavy AND HOW DOES THAT KID KEEP DOING THAT?!


According to the official Mann vs. Machine website:

Mann vs. Machine is a new co-operative game for Team Fortress 2 that lets you and five friends wage a desperate battle to stop a lethal horde of robots from deploying a bomb in one of Mann Co.’s many strongholds. Take advantage of breaks between waves to upgrade your abilities and weapons. Survive all the waves in any of a variety of missions to earn incredible loot.

Also take some time to get acquainted with the evil robot horde you will be facing. AND there are some new comics. Man, what don’t you get with this update?