On any other occasion, if you told me that a company was coming out with a racing wheel for their console, I would probably just look at you, nod my head, and then turn back to whatever it was that I was messing about with. The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel (we cool people call it the “PMRW”), however, seems to have some thought behind it that is not readily apparent by just looking at an image of it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3mtQrcACS0&w=620]

When the peripheral was mentioned oh so briefly during Sony’s conference, it was very easy to just assume they stuck a PlayStation Move into a plastic holder and that was that. It’s is part of it, yes, but they have created a device that has more goodies in it than simply a plastic molding.

The two arms on the device will have all of the normal buttons and triggers you might expect, but on both sides of the middle, circular base there are paddle shifters for people who like a manual gearbox (i.e. all sane people). Each of the two arms has its own rumble (in addition to the rumble of the Move), so if developers want to utilize directional rumble they can.

Probably the most interesting about the hardware is that the two handles can turn outwards, mimicking motorcycle handle bars. The right grip can be twisted, too, to give the bike some gas. That is super neat.

According to the PS blog, the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel will come out this fall for $39.99 and support several racing games including Gran Turismo 5 and Burnout Paradise. Now to just find someone who actually has a Move controller…