Although the gaming masses wondered why the Steam Summer Sale didn’t start on the last Thursday of June as prophesied by the last few years, they can stop hyperventilating into an empty Cheetos bag for today they are able to spend all of their monies on games they will never play! Hooray!

Like before, the sale runs for nearly two weeks and each day new deals pop up. This year the sale ends on July 22nd. Besides the singular deals, there are Pack Deals of games from a singular company or series that Steam sells, a voting option for what game will be a part of the next day’s deal, and “Flash Sales” that have time limits for discounted games.

Today, the big deals are for CoD 3, Might & Magic: Heroes VI, Crusader Kings II, Portal 2, Indie Bundle I, Terraria, Total War: Shogun 2, Legend of Grimrock, and Ridge Racer: Undbounded.

Pack Deals include collections from Activision, Valve, Square Enix, 2k, id, Star Wars, Sega, and Pop Cap.

Basically, ton of games are on sale, so you are probably wasting your time reading this instead of going to Steam and buying some cheap games. Get a move on!