The Last of Us
This week during the San Diego Comic-Con, Naughty Dog was kind enough to show off some new footage of The Last of Us, bringing in a new character from Joel’s past. But can he be trusted?


The trailer begins with Joel, Ellie, and a masked man running from the infected through a door into a safe house. After the door is barred, Ellie attempts to introduce herself to the man in the mask, but before she gets too far he handcuffs her to a pipe and pulls a gun on Joel! What a jerk! You will just have to watch to see what happens next.

I really love the interactions between this new character and Ellie. She sure is a firecracker. If this video games thing doesn’t work out for Naughty Dog, I wouldn’t mind them getting into TV drama. They could probably handle it pretty well.

If you need some catching up on The Last of Us, head here and here for some other trailers.

The Last of Us is supposed to release in 2013 sometime. You know, whenever.