Have you ever thought, “I wish there was a way to play with Legos in my browser to make it absolutely sure that I will get no work done ever.”? Well now is your chance, lazo, because you can build terrible looking houses like mine right now if you happen to be using Google Chrome as your browser.

By going to buildwithchrome.com, you are greeted with a nice Google map of Australia made in Lego bricks. When you drill down closer to the surface, you will start finding buildings that people have built and plots of land that are open for you to build on. Clicking on one opens up an interface that lets you build to your heart’s content so long as your heart’s content is 999 blocks.

When you save your masterpiece, it will show up on the map (so long as you didn’t make a big, brick penis) for all to see.

So way to go, Chrome, you have won the internet today.