Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us had its first gameplay footage shown just a little over a week ago, and last night the game was demoed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy has had games on his show a couple of years in a row right after major events like E3 or the Spike VGAs, and that is pretty neat. It is too bad, however, that we are seeing nothing new from this footage of The Last of Us.

What was shown last night was the “run and gun” gameplay demoed during Sony’s event last week, not the “stealthy” demo that was shown to journalists behind closed doors. The gameplay plays out so similarly to what was shown during Sony’s thing that either they have this footage on a reel, or the guys at Naughty Dog are just really great at playing the game exactly the same way each time in a way that forces the AI to also react exactly the same. CONSPIRACY.

Upon reviewing the other gameplay footage, you can find differences between these two videos, but they are pretty close to each other. CONSPIRACY.