Watch Dogs is making people weak in the knees. The trailer shown just two days ago is pretty much all any of us need to want this game, but of course learning more about it is certainly not a bad thing. Below is apparently the first developer interview for the game care of


Although there is no new video shown, some interesting things were revealed. Here are some of the new things that I heard:

  • The developer noted that the media might catch wind of Aiden’s actions, and the player might “get a reflection on how the city percieves his actions.”
  • There will also be some sort of multiplayer element where different people play different characters with their own objectives. If you happened to watch Ubisoft’s presentation on Monday, at the end of the Watch Dogs portion, the game went to another character entirely that was apparently controlled by another person. They are hoping to blend single player and multiplayer in ways that haven’t been done before.
  • Players will be able to level up or “grow” their abilities as the game progresses. Built on a new engine. The city the game is set is very similar to Chicago.
  • Different neighborhoods will influence how you can use technology since not all neighborhoods will have the same types of electronics in the environment.
  • The game is not shipping this year for sure.

Sounds great. Everyone on the Watch Dogs hype train. WOO WOO!