In all this talk about the Wii U, it’s sometimes hard to remember what truly matters in gaming: the graphics. The next generation is upon us, my friends, and Square Enix is throwing their chocobo in the ring with this video entitled “Agni’s Philosophy.” Be warned: this video is so pretty your bowels might just release without your permission.


I am not going to offer much of a description of what is going on here, but here goes: There’s a canyon I will just pretend is Cosmo Canyon and a weird prayer/seance that’s broken up by dudes with AKs. A woman runs away from that attack only to be attacked by a spiky dog monster, and then she is saved by a dragonbeast. That sounds about par for the course for Square Enix. And to answer your question: No, there is no Vanille in this video.

So there you have it. That’s what gaming will look like in the next year or so. Now to speculate on how long a game with that fidelity will take to make.