I don’t know if it is considered a tradition if you generally do a radio show before the biggest video gaming show of the year or if it is simply mandatory, but just like the last couple of years, today we have gotten together and talked about our dreams for E3 2012!

Episode 79 can be found here:

Episode 079 – E3 Looms on the Horizon
Our pre E3 extravaganza, free of echo voices! We discuss what we think the big three will be up to, not to mention why Lego Lord of the Rings has voice acting…

In this episode we talk about these things:

What we played this week
Skyward Sword
Dinner Date
Diablo III
Dead Rising 2

What do you expect to happen at E3 this year?

Doom 3: BFG Edition
Tomb Raider reboot release date
Injustice: Gods Among Us announced
Gears of War sequel(prequel?) announced
Skyrim get some DLC
38 Studios is no more
Activision and Infinity Ward hate each other
DOTA 2 will be free
LEGO Lord of the Rings has voice acting and its weird
Everquest 2 puts your face on a frog