The E3 trailers are a flowing today. This new Tomb Raider trailer reminds us that it’s probably not a good idea to crash your boat on some island full of crazy people. Lara probably wishes all she was up against were a couple of T-Rexes and tigers at this point.


From Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics, this new Tomb Raider is taking the story back before all of the other games in the series. Lara was not instinctually a bad ass; she had to learn, and here is that story in what is shaping up to be an incredibly gritty, pee-your-pants sort of way. If you had to define “survival horror” as literally as you could, this game may end up being a good example.

The trailer here shows a couple of things that we previously didn’t know about the game. For one, it seems as though hunting will be a factor. Whether that is a small part of the experience or akin to MGS: Snake Eater is uncertain at this point, but it’s an interesting and fairly logical mechanic to include. The other thing seems to be that there is quite a large network of crazies on this island for Lara to deal with. In previous trailers it certainly looked like there would be at least one crazy, but now there are lots. And they have helicopters and exploding plains! Let’s hope it’s like Lost but without any smoke monsters or hatches.

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