Quite a few titles this E3 have impressed me (especially Watch Dogs), but Assassins Creed III appeals to the history buff in me.  The second game was famous for inserting you into the middle of fictionalized papal history in the catholic church and the game was quite an enjoyment because of the “what if” scenario.

AC3 takes place during and after the American Revolutionary War, so somewhere between 1753 and 1783.  That’s a wide range of history to take advantage of in a game franchise known for wringing the history of the time dry.  So here’s a list of aspects of early American history that I hope are included in AC3.  Remember, this is a wish list, not a confirmed list of plot points.  Also note that I’m not including the battle of Bunker Hill or Valley Forge because those are already confirmed to be in the game in at least some capacity.

The Boston Massacre

We know that Boston is a playable location in the game and the Boston Massacre is one of the key points leading into the Revolutionary War.  And not only is there action, but we’d get to see John Adams on the scene defending the men in a public court, presumably while we’re assassinating secret alien spies who want to interfere.

The Boston Tea Party

I’m not sure how half Native American, half white protagonist, Connor, will take to a bunch of Americans dressing up like indians and dumping British tea into Boston Harbor, but I’ve love to see his reaction.  Connor is no doubt on the side of the revolution if the multitude of trailers unveiling his slaughtering of numerous British soldiers is any indication, but I’d love to see a hero that isn’t altogether proud of the people he’s fighting for either.

The Death of Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale is the most famous American spy in early American history.  His famous last words were supposedly “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”  You can’t really top that for patriotism no matter what you do.  I’d love to see the moment of his execution in the game, but anything dealing with Nathan Hale would be great.  But it’d also be appropriate.  Another city included in the game will be New York City, where Nathan Hale was sent was captured by the British during an intelligence-gathering mission.  Combine that with the fact that all Assassins Creed characters are basically stealthy (and deadly) spies anyway and I think you’ll understand that pairing Connor with Nathan Hale makes a lot of sense.

Abigail Adams

While John Adams was off arguing for independence in Philadelphia he left his wife and children in Boston to take care of the family farm.  During this period John and Abigail wrote numerous letters to each other (letters that are now so famous they’ve been published so you can buy the lot of them in a bookstore if you want to read into their private lives).  Abigail wasn’t stupid, she often talked to John about matters of politics  and, quite frankly, she’d be a great character to see and maybe even get missions from while Connor is in Boston.  At the very least I’d love to deliver one of John Adams’ letters to her.  That’d be a real treat.  Or help her get medicine when her family has the pox.

The Battle of Wyoming

Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania was the site of a battle in 1778 between American soldiers and Loyalists (colonists who remained loyal to England).  The Loyalists were accompanied by Iroquois Indians in a battle that saw the death of more than three hundred American soldiers.  This is a battle that shows that it wasn’t just British soldiers versus American soldiers, which would lend some variety and historical accuracy to AC3.  Furthermore, Connor having to fight Iroquois Indians to defend the American Patriots would be a very dramatic turn of events that I’d love to see.  However, as the game itself is focused more on the New England area, I don’t see this area as too likely for inclusion in the events of the game.

Assassins Creed III has a lot of potential for the American history buff, and I hope it doesn’t disappoint.  Even if these particular events and people don’t show up, we’re sure to see our share of tar and feathering, don’t tread on me flags, and more when AC3 comes to all gaming consoles this fall.  I can’t wait to see how UbiSoft Montreal takes American history and injects mystical artifacts into it.