They said the Wii U version of Assassin’s Creed III existed, but like bigfoot, we have to see it to believe it, and here it is! Come, my friend, watch nearly six minutes of Connor killing all kinds of redcoats. Also, there are rats. SO MANY RATS.


So many things are happening in this trailer. It starts off simply enough with Connor helping a woman by totally killing a redcoat. Then he releases a guy from the stocks, which really pisses off the redcoats. So he hides briefly next to the gentlemen above, but the redcoats sniff him out. It’s too bad for them, though, because Connor hatchets their faces up pretty good. He takes flight up to the rooftops and jumps – pushing a woman out of the way – into a second story room then quickly out of the window on the other side of the room. It looks even cooler when you know someone is actually controlling the character.

Out of the window, Connor meets up with a group of friendlies dressed as redcoats, and when they pass he starts walking in the middle of them with his hands behind his back as though they were cuffed. He and his comrades walk passed some guards towards a bad guy boat. Immediately after gaining access, they turn and start fighting those guards, allowing Connor to further access to the boat. He cuts a rope that pulls himself up to the roof of a nearby building, pulls his bow and takes aim at another guard. Shooting that redcoat attracts two guards from the boat, giving Connor access to the ship. He wrangles a musket from a guard on the boat, bayonets the guard, shoots through that guard into another, and then pushes what looks like a captain overboard.

All of this looks smooth as heck, and I cannot wait to play this game. It’s also nice to learn it runs just fine on the Wii U.