Maybe I have been going about destroying legions of soldiers all wrong. I had always figured you needed an equal force of men and maybe some siege weapons. If this Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (henceforth C:LoS2) trailer is to be believed, all you really need is a giant codpiece and no shirt. It also helps if you are Dracula.


C:LoS2, as you might expect, is the sequel to a game of the same name. The Belmonts and ol’ Fangtooth will probably be butting heads again. As described from the official site:

In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, the origin of Dracula and his legendary connection with the Belmonts was revealed. In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, fans can expect thrilling new twists and challenges. In this shocking conclusion to the Lords of Shadow saga, Dracula returns once again, weakened and yearning for release from his immortal bonds. Facing a new and powerful threat, the vampire lord must reacquire his old powers – and only his castle holds the key. However, the famed Belmont clan also seek his ultimate destruction.

At the end of the trailer we see a glimpse of a white haired fellow with a sword. Could that be Alucard? Let’s hope!

C:LoS2 is being developed by Mercury Steam and produced by Konami. No firm release date set as of this writing, but you can probably expect the game in 2013 for your PS3 or Xbox.