One of the announced Wii U titles was Tank! Tank! Tank!  It’s a game that wants to destroy my sentence structure and hurl me into the great grammatical abyss.  However, it also features a somewhat charming mix of BattleTanx 64 and Earth Defense Force 2017.  Is that enough to transition it from the local game-porium to my own personal gaming collection?  Only time will tell.

Tank! Tank! Tank! is developed by Namco, based off an old arcade game of theirs from 2009.  That title involved sitting in a mechanized seat and feeling the reverberations of your tank weapons.  That’s obviously not the case here, of course, and the trailers for the Wii U version do not do much to reveal a depth that goes beyond a standard quarter guzzling arcade game.  Still, there is a charm to the title.  The major drawback here is that Tank! Tank! Tank! doesn’t feature particularly impressive graphics.  For being a brand new Wii U title showed off at E3 you’d think more attention would have been paid to achieving next generation graphics.  This looks like a Wii game.


There is a campaign mode and co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes for up to four players.  This might be a great budget title down the line, but right now the only thing it has going for it is that it’ll be one of the first party games on the Wii U.  As is becoming a habit with Wii U game announcements; there is no current news on whether or not the title will support online multiplayer.

An appealing feature for Tank! Tank! Tank! is the ability to put your own face in the game (and decorate said face with helmets or other attire).  The faces will display near your tank in multiplayer so you’ll always know who you’re trying to destroy without having to remember that your brother is in the red tank and your friend is in the yellow one.  It’s a minor feature, but it’s a cool one nonetheless.

Tank! Tank! Tank! comes out this fall with the launch of the Wii U.  No word yet on if it’ll be a launch title or release in the launch window.